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Cross Moving Fireproof Ferry Cart AAC Autoclave

Cross Moving Fireproof Ferry Cart AAC Autoclave

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    Ferry Cart AAC Autoclave


    Fireproof Cart AAC Autoclave

  • Name
    Ferry Cart
  • Material
    Stainless Steel, Iron+paint
  • Certification
    CE, ISO9001
  • Rated Voltage
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    Suit For Shipping
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    L/C, T/T
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Cross Moving Fireproof Ferry Cart AAC Autoclave

Windlass-type ferry cart,Draught-type ferry cart,Friction wheel type ferry cart,Ferry cart with small trolley


Ferry cart used for different rails ferry,also called cross moving cart.comsisted of cart frame=,running draught device and positiong device.According to use , can be divided into pouring ferry cart,cutting ferry cart,Grouping ferry and out of autoclave ferry cart.
Pouring ferry cart mainly used for pouring to precuring section.
Cutting ferry cart mainly used for precuring to cutting section.
Grouping ferry cart mainly used for before autoclave section.
Out of autoclave mainly used for out of autoclave to packing section.
Cross Moving Fireproof Ferry Cart AAC Autoclave 0
Features and Advantage:
1.Easy installation, simple operation
2.Frequency control
3.Stable running

Features & Advantages of lightweight aac wall floor panel

1. Lightweight: Aerated concrete density is usually 400-900 kg/m3(according to the market),

which is 1/3 of clay block and 1/5 of common concrete.

2.Fireproof: Most of the major raw materials is inorganic materials, so it has good fire resistance,

and do not emit harmful gases when meet fire

3.Sound insulation: As the material inside has a large numbers of the pores and porous, which

has a good thermal insulation properties.

4.Thermal Insulation: Thermal conductivity is 0.9-0.22 W/(MK), which is 1/4 of clay bricks.

5.Anti-seismic: It can improve the two seismic than the brick level.


Packing & Shipping:

Package conforms to the requirements of customs.


After-sales service: 
1.Provide engineers abroad installation and commissioning service.
2.Held online or site training for workers to ensure the safe operation.

3.Our expert will answer any inquiry within 24-48 hours and it will be solved as soon as possible.

4.We supplies the complete technical documents and the relative drawings of the electric components which were written in Chinese and English.

5.Service is available lifelong.