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5.5 Min/Cake Length 5000mm AAC Autoclave Mould

5.5 Min/Cake Length 5000mm AAC Autoclave Mould

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    Length 5000mm AAC Autoclave Mould


    5.5 Min/Cake AAC Autoclave Mould

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    Stainless Steel, Iron+paint
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    CE, ISO9001
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5.5 Min/Cake Length 5000mm AAC Autoclave Mould

Mould for AAC Production Line



The block mold is a vessel for pouring concrete blocks. The mold consists of the mold frame, side plate (base plate), and clamping arm.

5.5 Min/Cake Length 5000mm AAC Autoclave Mould 0

Optional Type:

Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)  
M1 4200 1200 600  
M2 4800 1200 600  
M2 5000 1200 600  
M4 6000 1200 600  
M5 6000 1500 600  



The mold frame is formed by structural steel and steel plate, leading to a durable structure and high rotational sensitivity.

Both ends are equipped with an overturn shaft and sealing strip to prevent leakage of slurry.

The side plate is welded by structural steel and steel plate to ensure its high rigidity. In doing so, it is difficult to deform a mold after it has entered the curing autoclave.

The clamping arm includes the pinch roller, arm, and rotating shaft.


Production data:
-shifts/day :3shifts/day(7.5hours effective per shift)
-Cakes/day :122
-Production rate (cycle time) :5.5min/cake
Theoretical capacity :350 m³/day
Basic assumptions
-working days/year :300
-rising time :2hours
-autoclaving cycle : 12 hours (incl. loading/unloading)


The above mentioned theoretical capacity does not include possible production waste, broken material, reduction in net volume, etc.
This capacity is calculated on the basis that above mentioned rising and autoclaving times can be met and is considered at a 100% mould utilisation. These times are very depending on the quality of the raw materials and other conditions which are under the responsibility of the Purchaser. These times might also extend in case of increased future reinforced element production.