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AAC Block Manufacturing Machine And Plant

AAC Block Manufacturing Machine And Plant

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    380V AAC Block Manufacturing Machine


    400KW AAC Block Manufacturing Machine


    6m Mold AAC Block Machine

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    AAC Block Making Unit
  • Brick Type
    AAC Aerated Foam Mixed Brick
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  • Production Capacity (Pieces/8 Hours)
  • Raw Material
    Sand Or Flyash With Cement Lime Ect.
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    Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas, Field Maintenance And Repair Service, Field Installation, Commissioning And Training, Online Support
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AAC Block Manufacturing Machine And Plant

AAC Block Manufacturing Machine And Plant

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a siliceous material (sand, fly ash and silicon tailings such as waste porcelain clay, stone processing waste materials, blast furnace slag, etc.) and calcareous materials (lime, cement) as the main raw material, mixing fat gas agent (aluminum powder), by ingredients, mixing, casting, pre-raising, cutting, autoclave, curing process made of light porous silicate products, because by the hair contains a lot of gas even after the small pores, hence the name of aerated concrete.


The normal production capacity:


Annual Capacity(300days) Power Daily Capacity Cycle Time No. of Autoclaves

plant area


50,000m³/year 400KW 166 m³/day 8 hours 2 2000
100,000m³/year 500KW 333m³/day 8 hours 4 2000
150,000m³/year 630KW 500m³/day 8 hours 6 2500
200,000m³/year 720KW 666m³/day 8 hours 8 3000
300,000m³/year 1186KW 1000m³/day 8 hours 6(D2.85*32.5) 3500

Advantages of the aac block

1. Lightweight: Porosity achieve 70% to 85%, volume density is generally 500 ~ 900kg/m3, as 1/5 of general concrete the 1/4of clay, the 1/3 of hollow brick, and similar with wood can float in water. It can reduce building weight, reduction in the cost of integrated building.

2. Fireproof: Most of the major raw materials is inorganic materials, so it has good fire resistance, and do not emit harmful gases when meet fire. Fire 650 degrees, as a refractory material, the thick up of 90mm walls can reach to 245 minutes fire resistance, 300mm thick up wall can reach to 520 minutes fire resistance.

3. Sound insulation: Due to a unique porous structure, so it has a sound absorption capacity. The sound absorption capacity can reach of 10mm thick wall up to 41 db.

4. Insulation: As the material inside has a large numbers of the pores and porous, which has a good thermal insulation properties. The Thermal conductivity is 0.11-0.16W/MK, as 1/4-1/5 of brick. Typically, the insulation effect of 20cm thick aerated concrete wall is equivalent to 49cm thick solid brick walls ordinary.

5. Permeability: Result of material by the composition of many independent small pores, the moisture absorption is slow, in the volume of absorbent is 5 times of clay saturation do. When used in the bathroom, the wall can be treated to interface directly paste tiles.

6. Anti-seismic: The same building structure, improve the two seismic than the brick level.

7. Green: Manufacturing, transportation, all use the process of pollution, to protect arable land, saving energy, is one kind of a green building material.

8. Durability: material strength is stability, in the specimens tested after one year of atmospheric exposure; the intensity increased by 25%, and remained stable after ten years.

9. Economies: An integrated lower cost than using more than 5% of solid clay bricks, and can increase the usable area, greatly enhance the utilization of floor space.

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Company introduction:

SANKON Building Materials Technology Co. is a one stop solutions provider for autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) production equipment including complete AAC production lines. We employ a team of experts with more than 20 years of industry experience to drive our innovative efforts and create highly efficient building material production equipment. Using highly automated production machinery, SANKON is able to produce more than 9 thousand tons of equipment each year to satisfy our customers all over the world. Contact us today to learn more about our outstanding AAC production machinery.

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Process flow of AAC production line:
1. Raw materials processing
Put the fly ash or sand into the ball mill to mill via the conveyor belt, after milling, put the slurry into the slurry storage
tank by slurry pump.
2. Batching, mixing and casting
The lime, cement will convey by conveyor to the dry powder measure scale to scale separately. The slurry convey by slurry pump
then to the automatic scale;the power and slurry put into the mixer,pouring into the mould.
3. Curing
After slurry pouring into the mould, put the mould box into the curing room with 50~70℃. After 2-3 hours curing,the blocks become
4. Cutting
Using reversal crane carry the mould and block to demould on cutting cart. The cutting cart will take the block to level cutting
machine,vertical cutting ,two sides cutting,and remove the top waste material.
5. Steaming
Finished cutting using semi-product crane carry to the front of autoclavegrouped,hoisting machine or dragger will drag steam
trolley into autoclave to steam,it need 10-12 hours.
6. Finished block dealing
Finished product out of autoclave,with separting machine to separate layer by layer.
7. Packing
Using finished block carry hanger clamp the finished product to package line on wooden pallets,after package, then by forklift
transport the finished products to piled yard according to specifications to stack.

8. After-sales service:
1.Provide engineers abroad installation and commissioning service.
2.Held online or site training for workers to ensure the safe operation.

3.Our expert will answer any inquiry within 24-48 hours and it will be solved as soon as possible.

4.We supplies the complete technical documents and the relative drawings of the electric components which were written in Chinese and English.

5.Service is available lifelong.

If you are interested in our products and want to know information from us please feel free to contact us.


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