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Grade B IP55 380V Industrial Vibration Motor

Grade B IP55 380V Industrial Vibration Motor

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    380V Industrial Vibration Motor


    IP55 Industrial Vibration Motor


    Grade B Industrial Vibration Motor

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Grade B IP55 380V Industrial Vibration Motor

Vibration Description:

Vibration motor is a new type of vibration motor developed by German and Italian technology introduced by our company. VB vibration motor has exquisite design, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, safe and reliable operation, convenient installation and maintenance, simplified structure, reduced cost, making the shaker handle more materials.The excitation force can be easily adjusted within a certain range to meet various operating requirements.The application of new sealing technology and imported sealing parts greatly improves the dustproof and moisture-proof ability of vibration motor, and the product can run safely and stably in various high-dust and damp places.Advanced design and precise manufacturing process ensure long service life of the products.

Grade B IP55 380V Industrial Vibration Motor 0

Principle and application of vibration:

A set of adjustable eccentric blocks are installed at both ends of the rotor shaft of the two axes. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the eccentric blocks is used to obtain the exciting force.It is used in the silo, hopper, chute wall vibration, or self-synchronous linear vibrating screen, vibration feeder, vibration conveyor and other vibration machinery excitation source, metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical and other departments of the ideal equipment, has a wide range of applications.VB vibration motor shell is completed by one-time casting, fully increase the rigidity strength, and the use of all-steel casting, to ensure the appearance of the surface modeling.The outer protective cover is also used to be formed by one-time drawing mould, so that the sealing of vibration motor is better.The eccentric block thickens and increases the vibration power of the same type vibration motor.The vibration motor has been strengthened and optimized in all aspects to make it better fit with the vibrating screen, more convenient for disassembly and installation, and simpler for maintenance.


Series vibration motor features:

1. The vibration motor generates vibration with smooth rotation and low noise.

2. Vibration motor is fully enclosed structure, which can work under any dust condition without explosion-proof requirement.

3. Long service life of vibration motor, bearing life up to 5000 hours for 2 poles, 10000 hours for 4, 6 and 8 poles.

4. The vibration motor can be stepless adjusted by adjusting the Angle of eccentric block.

5. Vibration motor can synthesize various vibration forms in multiple units to complete various operation requirements.

6.Various types of vibration motor, complete specifications, can meet the work needs of all kinds of vibration machinery.Operating conditions ambient temperature: not more than 40℃.


Service conditions of series vibration:

1 Rated voltage 380V-660V
2 Rated frequency 50HZ-60HZ
3 Protection level IP55
4 Allowed ambient temperature 40℃-60℃
5 Insulation grade Grade B
6 Work schedule Continuous


Brief introduction of SANKON Company.

History:Sankon Building Materials Technology CO.,LTD are professional building materials machinery and equipment research, manufacture and export company. Company business started from 2004, now our workers, sales and service branch staff are more than 200 people. Whole company year turnover is more than 50million USD. The company's main products are AAC block making machinery, concrete block making machine, concrete pole pipe making machine, concrete roof tile machine and mixers.

Products:The company passed ISO9001 management system and the European Union CE certification, the products absorb the German mechanical design and manufacturing experience, focus on quality design, high quality material, exquisite welding and strict inspection process to ensure high quality equipment and maximize service life. Company products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Australia and more than 100 countries and regions.


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Packing & Shipping:

Package conforms to the requirements of customs.


After-sales service: 
1.Provide engineers abroad installation and commissioning service.
2.Held online or site training for workers to ensure the safe operation.

3.Our expert will answer any inquiry within 24-48 hours and it will be solved as soon as possible.

4.We supplies the complete technical documents and the relative drawings of the electric components which were written in Chinese and English.

5.Service is available lifelong.