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ISO9001 AAC Block Machine Steaming Trolley For Shipping

ISO9001 AAC Block Machine Steaming Trolley For Shipping

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    AAC Block Machine Steaming Trolley


    ISO9001 AAC Block Machine

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    Steaming Trolley
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ISO9001 AAC Block Machine Steaming Trolley For Shipping

Steaming Trolley



The curing trolley (see the picture) is special vehicle for shipping during the production. It is used to load the billet after cutting to the autoclave for curing, and then move to finished goods site, and it will load the billet to autoclave after being unloaded.

ISO9001 AAC Block Machine Steaming Trolley For Shipping 0


The curing trolley is composed of 2 main parts, frame and the wheel.

The frame is made of steel panel with good steel and easy structure.

The wheel is composed of vehicle, shaft and bearing, the rolling is very flexible and stable.

It has good decoupling shaft.


Work Principles

The bottom of the trolley is loaded billets cutting by the 2 mould. Attention: It should add washer to make sure it is flat between the frame and the floor surface, to avoid the frame to lean.

The trolley runs stably on the guide and the trolley is connected by the hook, the trolley then goes to the autoclave to cure the billet and move the billets to the finished goods site, and then the decouple will unload the hook.



Assembly the wheel with reel, shaft, bearing, bearing sleeve and press end, the bearing is filled with colloidal graphite, and the clearance inside the wheel flange is 800+0.0 mm.

The wheel is installed on the lower part of the frame, the surface in the same plane on four wheels.


Sankon designs and manufactures AAC block making plant, to meet the specific requirements of the market and cutstomers. As a new building material, AAC block fulfills the demand of concrete industry, which requires to save the natural resources and protect the environment.

Market Analysis
AAC is becoming more and more popular around the world, from western countries and then to developing countries. Below Properties make AAC have unmatchable property, especially for high buildings:
1) Extreme Light Weight
2) Large Variety of Sizes
3) High Fire Resistant
4) Excellent Thermal Insulation
5) Great Sound Insulation
6) Moisture Protection
7) Termite Resistant
8) High Workability and Easy Processing
AAC is produced out of a mix of cement, lime, fly ash, gangue, river sand and aluminium powder ect., through batching, mixing, casting, cuttimg and autoclaving. AAC has the advantages of extremely light weight, high compressive strength, excellent thermal insulation, great scousitc insulation and high fire resistance. AAC can be produced in a large variety of sizes, from stand blocks to large reinforced panels, and it can be cut, sawn, drilled, nailed and milled like wood, making it an extremely workable product, AAC is environment-friendly and new building material.
QGM Advantages:
Control System: Germany, Siemens PLC, main electrical components are from Germany Siemens, it
Weighing system are controlled by precise weighing system, guarantee the weighing accuracy. The accuracy will effect the qualified product rate, higher accuracy, higher qualified produce rate.
Steel silo storage, automatically control with arch breaker, level indicator.
With quality and service: A-Z Integrated solution for AAC brick making plant, the highly sophisticated manufacturing process.