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Sling Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

Sling Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

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    Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine


    Sling Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine


    1700mm Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

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Sling Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine


It is used to move the billet and the side panel to the turning table for de-skin.

Sling Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine 0

Technical parameter:

1.Maximum Size (Maximum)(including guide frame)

L:6140mm   W:1700mm   H:4810mm




The sling is composed of a horizon beam, a vertical beam, a guide frame and a lifting unit.

The two beams are made of huge steel pipes, so it is featured of good stiffness, compact structure and it can be easily installed and debug.

Lifting device is located on the horizon beam and the guide unit is fixed on the vertical beam.


Working principle:

When the over-head hanger rope is lifted by the pulley wheel lifts, the guide unit will move along the frame and then the sling will go up and down.



Following procedure should be performed

1. To combine the horizon beam and upright beam t together.

2. To connect the guide frame to the automatic billet shift machine.

3. To combine guide device and its frame together

4. To assemble the lifting device and guide frame together


Pilot running and debugging:

1. Pilot running

The sling can go up and down smoothly and stably, without any abnormalities, no jamming and no swaying.

2. Debugging

a. If the horizon beam is not critical to the upstanding beam, a pad is needed.

b. The gap between the wheel and frame may be proper if it is swaying.


Maintenance and repair:

1. Maintenance

a. Please remove the dust on the piston rod after work with cotton cloths and make sure it is reset.

b. To clean up the lifting device, guide unit without any waste left.

2. Repair

Please check all fasteners to avoid any possible loose and change worn parts.