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Hoist Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

Hoist Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

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    Hoist Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine


    ISO9001 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

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Hoist Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

Hoist Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine


The hoist (Refer to the picture) is the back-up equipment for autoclaved aerated concrete cutting machine. It is installed on the automatic billet shift machine and the lifting is controlled by the guide frame. It is an ideal choice for finished concrete transportation, featured of stability, positioning-accuracy and no sway.



The clamp is composed of a horizon beam, a vertical beam, a guide frame, a guide device, clamp device, a lifting unit and cylinder system. The two beams are made of huge steel pipes, so it is featured of good stiffness, compact structure and it can be easily installed and debug. Lifting device is located on the horizon beam and the guide unit is fixed on the vertical beam.

Hoist Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine 0

Technical parameter:

Length 6740 mm
Width 2570 mm
Height depends on the stroke
Weight 5621 kg
Diameter 80
Stroke 150


Working principle:


It can be moved axially.


When pulley is hung by hanger, guiding device will move along the guiding frame and then the hoist will go up and down.


Clamp and release:

The hydraulic station supplies oil to the cylinder to make the clamping device rotate, the cylinder contracts to clamp, and elongate to release.

When the cylinder contracts and is in a clamped state, the spreader is lifted, so the finished product can be lifted.



Most fixtures are installed before ex-factory and are debugging.

Just fix some parts that loose during the shipment.

1.To combine the horizon beam and upright beam together.

2.Clamp device and hydro-cylinder are to be located on the horizon beam.

3.Connect cylinder system pipes.

4.Connect the hanger to the pulley on the horizon beam.

5.The crane lift the fixture to connect the guide device with the guide racket.

Attention: Make the fixture center align with the center of the guide.


Maintenance and repair


a.Pleas make sure that the cylinder system is maintained according to its operation manual.

b.Please remove the dust on the piston rod after work with cotton cloths and make sure it is reset.

c.To clean up the clamp unit, lifting device, guide unit and make sure that there is no waste left.


Please check all fasteners to avoid any possible loose and change worn parts.