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Low Noise 10kw Self Suction 3 Meters Water Vacuum Pump

Low Noise 10kw Self Suction 3 Meters Water Vacuum Pump

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    3 Meters Water Vacuum Pump


    10kw Water Vacuum Pump

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Low Noise 10kw Self Suction 3 Meters Water Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump



The vacuum pump refers to one suction (water) nozzle and one exhaust nozzle (water) with one inlet and one outlet, and it can continuously form vacuum or negative pressure at the inlet;A slight positive pressure is formed at the exhaust nozzle;The working medium may be the gas, may also be the liquid, the volume compact one kind of instrument, often is called "the miniature vacuum pump", also referred to as "the vacuum pump".

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The basic principle of the micro vacuum pump: circular motion of the machine, by mechanical device inside the pump diaphragm do reciprocating motion, thus to fixed volume of air in the pump cavity vacuum (negative pressure), was formed by compression, stretching in the pump suction port at atmospheric pressure to produce pressure difference with the outside world, under the action of pressure difference, the gas pressure (suction) into the pump chamber, then discharge from the vent.

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Vacuum pump has the characteristics of micro vacuum pump, also has the advantages of micro self-priming pump, so it can run idle for a long time, dry run and other occasions, unlike the general pump idle, or dry run will damage the pump.Moreover, it is small in size, low in noise, free of maintenance, and can run for 24 hours continuously. Therefore, micro-vacuum pump has been widely used in medical treatment, sanitation, scientific research, environmental protection and other fields.

Vacuum pump - water - gas dual - purpose, small volume, low noise pumps

1. Main features: High temperature resistance (100 degrees);Ultra small in size;Can be idle for a long time, dry rotation, pumping, pumping air;

2. Strong suction (self-suction up to 3 meters), large flow (1.3l /Min), low noise.

3. It can operate continuously for 24 hours;Long-term idling is normal work, will not damage the pump;Especially suitable for air and water occasions.

4. Oil-free, non-polluting working medium, maintenance-free, installation in any direction;

5. Functions: water and gas mixed medium, or can be directly pumped.


Category Model Extraction ratel/s Residual stress/kPa Suction diameter /mm Motor power/kw
Reciprocating vacuum pump W1 17 1.3 38 2.2
W2 35 1.3 50 4
W3 55 1.3 50 5.5
W4 100 1.3 75 10
W5 210 1.3 125 22
Water ring vacuum pump SZ-1 25 16.2   4
SZ-2 56 13   10
SZ-3 190 8 125 30
SZ-4 450 7 200 70