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48m3 filtration Dust Collector AAC Block Machine

48m3 filtration Dust Collector AAC Block Machine

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    48m3 AAC Block Machine


    Dust Collector AAC Block Machine

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48m3 filtration Dust Collector AAC Block Machine

Dust collector


Working principle:

The dust collector on the top of the warehouse is to collect dust and discharge clean air into the cement tank, so that there is no negative pressure in the warehouse and the storage pressure of the ash warehouse is reduced.When the bulk cement pump truck sends powder to the warehouse, there is a certain pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cement warehouse, the gas is discharged from the warehouse inside and outside, and the dust is filtered by the filter cartridge to achieve the effect of purifying the air.When the screw machine to the use of mechanical feed, the pressure in the bin is less than the atmospheric pressure so that the air to the bin, so that the screw normal work within the scope of application.

When the dust collector works at the top of the warehouse, the dust gas enters the filter chamber through the lower open flange, and the coarser particles directly fall into the ash bin. The dust gas is filtered through the filter bag, and the dust is retained in the bag meter. The clean gas passes through the bag mouth to the clean air chamber and is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan.When the dust on the surface of the bag increases from time to time, the program controller starts to work and opens the pulse valve one by one to make the compressed air stop blowing and clean the bag through the nozzle, which makes the bag shrink suddenly. Under the effect of the reverse air flow, the dust attached to the bag meter quickly leaves the filter bag and falls into the ash bin, and the dust is discharged by the ash discharging valve.When using the top of the filter bag with high-speed jet air flow, it is blown into the inside of the filter bag to form the air wave, which causes the filter bag to expand sharply and impact and vibration from top to bottom, producing a strong effect of dust removal.The pulse ash cleaning effect is stronger, the effect is better, and the filter wind speed can be improved.It is a good way to clear the ash.


Dust collector installation process:

1. When the dust remover equipment is lifted, attention should be paid to avoid damaging the box body and accessories.The aperture of the filling roof must be smaller than that of the dust collector.And welded to the ash storage filling roof.

2. Switch on the induced draft fan.

3. Connect the air compressor and connect the soft connection to the gas storage tank of the dust collector.

4. Before installation, inspect all parts of the dust collector to see if they are in good condition. If missing, damaged or deformed parts are found, repair and repair them before installation.

5. Sealing packing should be inserted between each flange of the dust collector to tighten bolts, ensure reliable sealing of the box body, and prevent air leakage.

6. The filter bag must be fixed vertically in the dust catcher and installed in a compact way, with the bag mouth stuck on the flower plate.

7. The connection of air bag and electromagnetic pulse valve spray pipe should be sealed reliably without air leakage.

48m3 filtration Dust Collector AAC Block Machine 0

Technical parameters:

Total filtration area 48
Filtering wind speed 1-1.5 m/min
Parameters of 2880-4320 m³/h
Number of filter bag 60 PCS
Injection pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa
Under negative pressure 5000 pa
Equipment resistance ≤1200 pa
Number of pulse valves 10 PC
Pulse valve specification 1"  



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