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SP Series Vertical Slurry Pump AAC Block Machine

SP Series Vertical Slurry Pump AAC Block Machine

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    Slurry Pump AAC Block Machine


    SP Series AAC Block Machine

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SP Series Vertical Slurry Pump AAC Block Machine

Slurry pump


Features and Functions:

SP lengthening shaft under liquid slurry pump for vertical centrifugal slurry pump, is a newly developed high efficient energy-saving wear-resisting vertical slurry pump, the series adopts the international advanced solid-liquid two-phase flow theory, according to the principle of minimum loss design, its flow components geometry is in line with the flow of the medium, to reduce the eddy current and the impact to local and along the Cheng Shuili loss, so as to reduce the flow components of wear, make high hydraulic efficiency, reduce the running noise and vibration, this series of pump flow components with high rigid and high chromium alloy materials, SPR type rubber lining under the slurry pump in liquid components are outside the rubber lining,Its material has high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, impact performance, so that its life.

SP Series Vertical Slurry Pump AAC Block Machine 0


This series of slurry pump is innovative in hydraulic design, structural design and so on. The flow components are made of high chromium wear resistant alloy, which is developed by ourselves. It is featured with high efficiency, energy saving, long service life, light weight, reasonable structure, reliable operation, small vibration, low noise, easy maintenance and so on.


Under the scope of application:

SP series liquid slurry pump is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry, etc, is mainly used for conveying abradability, coarse particles, high concentration of slurry, the maximum weight concentration of solid-liquid mixture: mortar by 45%, and 60% pulp, pump can be immersed in the pool or pit work, don't need any shaft seal and shaft seal water.The type containing letter L is the extended shaft subliquid pump series, which can be applied to the deeper working condition under liquid. The extended subliquid pump series has the guide bearing structure added on the basis of the standard pump, which is more stable in operation and more widely applicable.


Main Technical Parameter


  Highest    efficiency
   Impeller diameter
Biggest size
40PV-SP 1.1-15 7.2-29 4-28.5 1000-2200 40 188 12 300
65QV-SP 3-30 18-113 5-31.5 700-1500 60 280 15 500
100RV-SP 5.5-75 40-289 5-36 500-1200 62 370 32 920
150SV-SP 11-110 108-576 8.5-40 500-1000 52 450 45 1737
200SV-SP 15-110 180-890 6.5-37 400-850 64 520 65 2800
250TV-SP 18.5-200 261-1089 7-33.5 400-750 60 575 65 3700
300TV-SP 22-200 288-1267 6-33 350-700 50 610 65