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9065 kg 50m3 Storage Container AAC Block Machine

9065 kg 50m3 Storage Container AAC Block Machine

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    50m3 Container AAC Block Machine


    9065 Kg Container AAC Block Machine


    9065 Kg 50m3 Storage Container

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9065 kg 50m3 Storage Container AAC Block Machine

50m3 Storage Container



It is a container (refer to the picture) used to store the mixing slurry.


Technical Parameter

Max size

1,W:ø 3600mm H:6033mm


3,Weight:9065 kg

4,Mixing technical parameter:

Helical gear reducer :CRM147-84.5-Y-18.5-V1,motor power :18.5Kw, Synchronous rotate speed 1470rpm,mixing speed17.4rpm.

5,Pneumatic butterfly valve:D671X-10-150



The storage container is composed of drum, reducer, mixer and butterfly valve.

The drum is cylindrical, and it is casting by the concrete

The reducer is helical gear reducer

The mixer is welded by mixing shaft, steel panel and steel pipe.

The discharge is controlled by the butterfly valve.


Work principles

The storage container is to store the slurry after being mixed, which will make the slurry do not solidify. The slurry will be continued to mix inside the container to avoid any solidification, and the discharge is controlled by butterfly valve.


Commissioning and adjust

1,Trial running

The assembly of the storage container is ready and run it without any loading until the reducer rotates normally, no abnormal sound, and the mixing shaft is same with the middle line of the drum, the mixer should rotate stably.


a,Disassemble and check the reducer bearing base if the reducer run unstably and there is abnormal sound.

b,The stirring shaft is inclined, the stirring blade swings, and the adjusting device of the stirring shaft is adjusted


1.Maintenance and RepaiThe mixing can not stop if the slurry is stored in the container, avoid any solidification

The lubricant oil can not be lower the oil level, it should add on time. It should change the lubricant oil once per 6 months

Wash all parts every month.



When wash the container, tighten the loose parts and replace the destroyed parts.



Shut off the power before washing it and stop mixing

No one is allowed on the top of the drum when mixing.