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Mould rubber

Mould rubber

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    Mould Rubber
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Mould rubber


mould is the main auxiliary equipment in aerated concrete production.After stirring evenly, the raw materials are poured into the mould by the pouring machine, and the air is still stopped.When the mould is removed after curing, the blank body can be cut. During the moulding stage of the aerated concrete block, the task of the mould rubbering strip is to protect the raw materials that are evenly mixed in the injected mould from exposure, so as to ensure the integrity of the aerated block raw materials, save costs and improve production efficiency.

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Main features

The rubber of the mould is made of high quality oil resistant rubber vulcanization foam, commonly known as sponge article of the frame, the layering of the frame, frame fillet, etc., with strong anti-aging, pressure resistance, high resilience, oil resistant, alkali resistant, resistant to wear, etc, thus made good rubbering effect, long service life, for the aerated concrete block mould special rubber.Our company's product specifications and models are complete, there are a variety of rectangle, trapezoid, T type and a variety of special shape, suitable for the mould frame matching and production use of essential parts choice.Square (rectangle) commonly used die frame rubbering strip dimensions: 20x20, 20x25, 20x30,20x35, 20x45, 20x50, 25x50, 25x30, 25x40,25x45, 30x30, 30x35,30x40, 30x45, 30x50,30x55,30x60, 40x45,40x50,40x55,40x55, 40x60 and other dimensions can be customized.


Basic process of mould frame rubbering strip production: first, according to the formula ratio of rubber raw materials, into the dense mixing machine ratio after mixing.Second, calendering, pressing out of the rubber rolling machine to determine the thickness of the film, and then through the cutting machine shaped cutting strip.Third, the cut mould into the mould, and then push the mould into the vulcanizer heating, foaming, expansion, vulcanization moulding.


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