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ISO9001 Bottom Vibrator Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

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    Vibrator Lightweight Wall Panel Machine


    ISO9001 Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

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ISO9001 Bottom Vibrator Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

Vibrator for Fully Automatic Light Weight AAC Block Machine Made in China


Purpose and characteristics:

Bottom vibration noise prevent occlusion device based on vibration motor as vibration source of energy saving by type of product, it is to rely on high frequency vibration and impact, effectively eliminate due to internal friction, deliquescence, charged, composition segregation and other reasons caused by the bridge, the phenomenon such as arch, blockage, so that the materials from warehouse mouth out, ensure stable feeding the necessary equipment.Bottom noise vibration blocking device is widely used in the building materials industry and other storage silos.

Silo vibrator has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving, simple installation, etc.

ISO9001 Bottom Vibrator Lightweight Wall Panel Machine 0

Structure and working principle:

The structure of bottom noise vibration blocking device is shown in Figure 1.It is composed of vibration motor and base .The vibration motor and the base are tightly fixed by bolts. As the base is firmly mounted on the silo wall, a single point directional forced vibration system is formed.

When block prevention work, high-speed rotation, vibration motor, the cyclical high frequency vibration, the walls of the bunker due to the cyclical vibration control block, on the one hand makes contact with the warehouse wall from, eliminate friction materials with the warehouse wall, on the other hand to make the material affected by alternating speed and acceleration, in a state of flux, so as to effectively overcome the material friction and gathered force, to eliminate bin inside the material between the relative stability, make the material from the mouth of silo discharge smoothly.


Packing & Shipping:

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After-sales service: 
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3.Our expert will answer any inquiry within 24-48 hours and it will be solved as soon as possible.

4.We supplies the complete technical documents and the relative drawings of the electric components which were written in Chinese and English.

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