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1450 r/min L10410mm Cutter Concrete Block Machine

1450 r/min L10410mm Cutter Concrete Block Machine

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    L10410mm Concrete Block Machine


    1450 R/Min Concrete Block Machine


    Cutter Concrete Block Machine

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1450 r/min L10410mm Cutter Concrete Block Machine

What is Aerated Concrete?

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a building material with outstanding thermal insulation,high loadbaring capacity at low weight and good workability.
Aerated Concrete is a well-proven material for almost 80 years and this in all climatic zones.Aerated Concrete is a high tech Calcium-Silicate-Hydrate produced out of Cao (contained in quicklime and cement),out of SiO2(contained in sand or PFA=Pulverized Fuel Ash ),anhydrite(gypsum),water and a trace of aluminium power(as aeration agent).
The raw materials are precisely dosed,mixed,poured into large moulds to form a "cake". The cake is pre-cured in climatized pre-curing chambers,cut to blocks or panels,steam cured in autoclaves at a temperature of 190°C(374°F).During the autoclaving process calcium silicate hydrate is formed.Finally the AAC is palletized.


Cutting Machine-Mobile Concrete Block Making Machine


Cutting condition

When the casting blank is lift to the cutting trolley after turn 90° and de-mold, it will be moved to the work station of longitudinal cutting machine and transverse cutting machine to have six surface cutting for the casting blank. First, it will be cut 4 surfaces horizontally by the longitudinal cutting machine, and then it will be moved to the transverse cutting machine by the first trolley, and then cut vertically by the transverse cutting machine, and then it will be moved by the first trolley under the hanger which will lift it to the steam curring cavity and go back after the curring, meanwhile the cutting waste will be moved to the waste slurry mixing tank. It takes around 5 minutes to finish the cutting, the second trolley works together after the first trolley, it will move the cutting waste to the tank when the first trolley goes forward.

1450 r/min L10410mm Cutter Concrete Block Machine 0


Single machine function

Longitudinal cutting machine: It cut 4 surface for the casting blank (2 sides and upper and lower horizontal surface), the blank size after cutting is 600mm wide and 1200mm high, and it will be cut horizontally base on product required, and it will mill the tenon on the both end.


Transverse cutting machine: It is used to cut the both end of the casting blank, the length will be determined base on the requirement, and it will cut vertically from upper to lower base on the thickness requirement.


Trolley: It is used to move the casting blank to the cutting work station and move the cutting waste to the mixing tank.


Waste clean trolley: It is a special trolley to move the cutting waste to the waste slurry mixing tank.


The guid rail is used only for the trolley running.

1450 r/min L10410mm Cutter Concrete Block Machine 1

Technical parameter

Longitudinal cutting machine

Max outside size

Length:10410mm   Width:2870mm    Height:2550mm

Weight:According to the actual production

Cutting wiring diameter

Longitudinal cutting wire: φ0.5mm

Transverse cutting wiring: φ0.8mm

Transverse cutting machine

Max outside size

Length:6900 mm     Width:3155 mm      Height:4000 mm


Vertical cutting reducer

Type: K87-17.1-YEJ5.5-B31-0    Qty:1PC

Install type: B31

Transmission ratio: i=17.1


Type: YEJ112M-4   Qty:1PC

Power: 5.5KW

Rotate speed: 1450 r/min

Lifting time:Single stroke121.5/s

Lifting time:Single stroke,上upper 73s,下lower48.5s

Transmission reducer

Type:K107B-17.1-AE5-B3    Qty:2PCS

Transmission ratio:17.1

Cutting swing (transverse cutting)

Type:KD05-7.55-Y5.5-4P-M4-A+B    Qty:1PC

Transmission ratio:7.55

Motor:Y-100L2-3     Qty:1PC


Rotate speed:1430r/min


Cutting wiring diameter: φ0.8mm

Cutting trolley, waste remove trolley

Max outside size

Length:4200mm    Width:1650 mm      Height:1140 mm


Running reducer

All the main parts of the longitudinal cutting machine, transversed cutting machine and cutting trolley are made of square and rectangular steel tube, it has good rigidity, long service life and convenient structure, which is easy to install and adjust.


Longitudinal cutting machine: It is composed of Longmen frame, beam, the vertical beam axis, cutting, slotting device, longitudinal steel wiring and wiring cutting tensioning device.


Transverse cutting machine: It is composed of Longmen, transverse frame, frame beam, a guide shaft ( a guide sleeve for special lubricants bearings, without refueling ), transverse swinging device, vertical cutting transmission system ( lifting by the sprocket chain composition) and cutting wiring.


Cutting trolley: It is composed of trolley body, cutting frame, wheels and running device, etc. It is driven by the speed reducer.


Work principles

The longitudinal cutting machine is tighten by the tension device and there is cutting wiring or cutter in the both sides, the front is used to cut the casting blank and the back i used to modified, in order to make ure the width is 600mm. The horizontal cutting has 5 grades, it cut in the angle of 39°48ˊ. The advantage is the cutting material will come down stably that there will no crack happen, and avoid any destroy. Each wiring has accurate scale to position, in order to make sure the product accuracy.


The transverse cutting will start when the casting blank is put on the workstation. The program is that the vertical and horizontal cutting is synchronized. When it is cutting vertically, itis from upper to lower, the power is the reducer of K87-17.1-YEJ5.5-B31-0, the transmission reducer drives the chain wheel to make it cut from upper to lower. Transverse cutting is started by KD05-7.55-Y5.5-4P-M4-A+B, and it will have repeated motion with the help by the eccentric mechanism swinging device, and the cutting wiring in the both end will cut it to the required length and the middle part will be cut as the product required. The cutting wiring is tightened by the cylinder and the accuracy is positioned by the scale, the cutting time from upper to lower is 121.5 seconds.


The cutting trolley is special used for moving the cutting material, it is driven by the reducer.




Longitudinal cutting machine, transverse cutting machine and trolley is made of steel structure, it is installed already before ex-factory. It just need to fix some parts that loose during the shipping.


Longitudinal cutting machine

Install cutting wiring, and connect to the air supply.


Transverse cutting machine

Install cutting wiring, and connect to the power supply of the reducer.


Cutting trolley

Put the trolley onto the guild rail, and connect the wheel to the gearing, connect to the reducer power supply, it then can run.