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Working Principle of Flyash AAC block Plant

November 18, 2021

In order to help you know more about Flyash AAC block Plant,now we will introduce this product from its working principle.

Flyash AAC block Plant mould comprised of mould,side plate and clamping arm into one body,to be able to work.mould working,can’t leave overturn sling.

Mould frame
Mould frame is mainly body of mould,assembled it with side plate,clamp tightly with clamping arm,ovtuern 900,then pour it into mould.finished pouring,overturn sling, hang it then overturn 900.Make cake vertical,hang it to cutting machine, loosen clamping arm,demoulding, then cake can be cutted.

side plate
Side plate is open wall of closed mould,then clamp tightly ,Close to the frame seal,overtuern 900Demoulding mould on the cutting machine,to be the bottom plate of cake.

Clamping arm
Clamping arm connect with overturn sling,Spanner under the function effect of oil cylinder push make clamper 900 rotary,finished clamping and loosen action.
After our introducing,i think you may know more about Flyash AAC block Plant. And if you need it,welcome to contact us.