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Jiangsu Sankon Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. 86-0519-83996829
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Jiangsu Sankon Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
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    South America,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa

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    100million-200 million

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    20% - 30%

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Formerly known as Wuxi SANKON Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu SANKON Building Materials Technology Co. is an enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of a complete range of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) machines and AAC production lines. Since 2007, we have introduced a number of new types of building materials equipment. We have been actively analyzing cutting-edge technology from all over the world and have formed a professional technology team focused on the development of new and exciting processing equipment.

In July, 2014, Jiangsu SANKON Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was officially founded in Chuanjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with a factory covering 44700 square meters. Today, we have more than 200 employees. The AAC machines manufactured by SANKON has been exported to a wide range of countries, like Russia, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and more.

SANKON has always focused on the design and production of high efficiency AAC machines, resulting in the accumulation of valuable experience and engineering techniques.

Our technical team is made up of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the AAC industry. They are professionals with expertise in project design, production processes, and detail control. Some of them worked for the China AAC Institute before they came to SANKON, then they focused all of their efforts into the AAC industry.

With this excellent technical team, we are able to offer clients solutions and equipment that meets all relevant production quality requirements, as well as help building materials manufacturers maximize their economic returns.

Autonomous Production
With an annual production capacity of more than 9 thousand tons of equipment and workshops covering about 25 thousand square meters, SANKON is able to autonomously complete machining, painting, assembling, and testing processes. Parts like metal bodies, hydraulic pressure stations, electric control cabinets and so on are all produced by SANKON.

We are able to offer complete sets of equipment for AAC production line. SANKON is also able to precisely control the function and quality of each piece of equipment to meet customer needs.

Continuous Innovation
Based on German technology, we developed the AAC production lines with additional specifications. At the same time, we have been consistently improving our equipment offerings to meet the various needs of customers.

For instance, the blade used in the pouring mixer was updated from a conventional single blade to a cross blade and flow diversion blade, and now the high speed double blade design results in higher stirring efficiency. The driving method is updated from belt drive to variable frequency drive as it is now directly connected. Besides, each connecting piece is fine finished by us.

Currently, SANKON has obtained 19 patents for components applied in our AAC cutter, mold, transfer cart for AAC block pre-curing and batching automatic control system.

Market Prospect
For many years, SANKON has been focusing on the research and development of AAC machines, as well as collaborating with AAC product manufacturers and providing AAC production line solutions to these AAC product manufacturers. We have served hundreds of clients in the building materials industry and have achieved wide praise.

In recent years, we have developed quickly and achieved production value of tens of millions of dollars.


Since 2007, SANKON has been focused on the design, manufacturing and installation of AAC block/panel production equipment. However, we are more than an AAC equipment supplier, we are also able to provide variable AAC block plant solutions to clients.

One-Stop Service
If you want to build an AAC plant, we can offer you one-stop services from design, purchasing to installation and maintenance.

Manufacturing AAC products is a systematic project, involving 9 sections and dozens of pieces of equipment. If you search for the equipment one by one, it will cost you a significant amount of time and money. Besides, it is also troublesome for on-site installation and maintenance. So why not choose one professional supplier that can provide you with all of the equipment you need to create a fully operational AAC production line?

Solution Design
SANKON can provide specialized AAC production lines depending on the capacity, automation requirement and plant layout. From fully automatic production to semi-automatic production, and from annual output of 50 thousand m3 to annual output of 600 thousand m3, we have a range of successful examples.

We also offer services specifically tailored to customers who are new to the industry such as production guidance and formula reference.

With a factory covering 25000m2, SANKON operates specialized workshops staffed by experienced workers to finish blanking, machining, assembling and testing processes. With complete resources for production, all equipment exported all over the world in the AAC production line are manufactured by ourselves.

If clients have special requirements about the equipment, we are also able to design customized equipment for clients.

On-site Installation
We will send 3 engineers on-site for equipment installation, hydraulic system installation and electronic control system installation in 3 months. After completing the installation, our engineers will train clients on the operation and maintenance of each part in AAC production line.

Long-Term Maintenance
Our high quality service will not end with the completion of installation. We will send engineers to visit your site every year, in order to actively find and solve any problems.

In post-stage operation, if clients encounter problems difficult to solve, we will help clients by email, telephone and on line video. If it is hard to solve the problems remotely, we can also send our professional engineers on site.

Production Line Upgrade
If you already own an AAC production line, but you want to expand the production scale or reduce labor costs, we can help you upgrade the production line. We have abundant successful examples of this.

One whole production line upgrade program includes processes like preliminary solution design, solution communication and modification, equipment manufacturing, on-site installation, after-sales service, etc. You can achieve desired results in short time after upgradation with our abundant experiences.

SANKON employs an excellent sales team. In SANKON, from CEO to salesman, all staff members have received professional training. With excellent marketing abilities and abundant experiences in solution design and problem solving, we are able to provide clients solutions in a short time. Our record: To ensure normal operation, all processes only took 20 days from contract signing to all equipment installation,.

Customized Equipment
Based on the knowledge about the AAC panel production line and AAC block production line, as well as abundant experiences about equipment manufacturing, we are able to provide clients some customized equipment according to the needs. We can provide fast and reliable solution no matter you want to replace some old equipment or you want to upgrade the production line.


In addition to complete equipment sets for AAC production lines, SANKON also offers clients one stop services, such as technical support, installation and commissioning, training, etc.

  • Pre-Sales Guidance
  • SANKON will design the AAC production line according to the onsite condition and client requirements regarding capacity and automation.
  • With more than 20 year of experience in processing and equipment design, SANKON holds a number of patents. Besides, most of SANKON technicians can independently complete the process from pre-sales design to production process guidance.
  • Installation
  • Generally, it takes about 3 months to install the whole AAC production line. During the installation, we will send 3 engineers for on-site guidance.
  • The engineer responsible for the equipment installation will come along with the equipment. The other two engineers responsible for hydraulic system installation and electronic control system installation respectively will come later for whole production line guidance.
  • Training
  • When the whole production line is installed completely, our engineers will train clients on site about operating and maintaining. We will train the clients in detail to ensure that clients can operate the machines properly.
  • We will send our service engineer on site every year for actively helping clients find and solve the problems.
  • Maintenance
  • In post-stage operation, if clients encounter problems difficult to solve, we will help clients by email, telephone and on line video.
  • If it is difficult to solve the problems remotely, we can also send our professional engineers to your site.

Our Team


Covering about 25000 square meters, the workshops of SANKON mainly include: the hydraulic workshop, machining workshop, painting workshop, electronic control workshop, assembling workshop and quality inspection workshop. The annual output of AAC panel equipment can achieve more than 9000 tons.


Hydraulic Workshop

Hydraulic Workshop

The hydraulic workshop provides lubrication and power for the complete AAC block production line. The hydraulic workshop is developed by our engineers, the parts of hydraulic workshop are produced by our workers. And the hydraulic workshop is installed and commissioned by our installation personnel.


Machining Workshop

  • CNC Lathe
    CNC Lathe

    The working diameter for this CNC lathe is 300mm maximum. The CNC lathe can achieve the uniform error of spare parts, leading to stable precision.

  • Large Blender
    Large Blender

    Large blender is used to blend side plate and increase the strength of side plate.

  • Plano Milling Machine
    Plano Milling Machine

    3m×8m plano milling machine can achieve machine-shaping for one time.


Painting Workshop

Painting Workshop

1: Cleaning
2: Weld Joint Dust Handling
3: Surface Grinding
4: soot blowing, first anti rust painting
5: Second Painting by arc spray equipment


Electronic Control Workshop

Electronic Control Workshop

Electronic control cabinet is used to control whole process in the production line.
Two types of electronic control operation system are optional for clients: manual operation system and computer operation system.
Electronic components mainly adopts Siemens and Mitsubishi brand.


Quality Inspection Workshop

  • Finished Products Workshop
    Finished Products Workshop
  • Parts Warehouse
    Parts Warehouse

We will sort out different spare parts and semi-finished products to different area. All raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products will be inspected. Only the products passing quality inspection will be put in storage and delivered.

  • Verticality Detection
    Verticality Detection
  • Parallelism Detection
    Parallelism Detection
  • Inner Bore Detection
    Inner Bore Detection