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AAC Mould Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

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    Mould Semi Automatic Block Making Machine


    AAC Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

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AAC Mould Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

AAC Plant Brick Making Machine Production Line Mould



The mold is special tool for casting blanks. When the slurry from the mixer cavity is purred into the injection mold, the cutting blanks will come out after being fermented nursing, and the die frame being removed.

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The mold is composed of frame, side plate (base plate) and clamp arm, etc.

Mold frame

The frame is made of steel and it has good rigidity and it is light.

There is turning shaft in the both end, and it has seal to prevent the casting leakage. The structure is very reasonable and it is easy to turn.

Side plate (base plate)

The side plate is made of steel and welding plate. It has good rigidity that it is hard to deform when being put into the autoclave.

Clamp arm

The clamp arm is composed of clamp wheel, arm and turning shaft, the driving comes from the turnover hanger spanner device.


Work principles:

The mold should make the frame, side plate and clamp arm be together, and then it can work, and it should have turnover hanger when it works.

Mold frame

The frame is the main body of the mold, when the side plate is assembled and tightened by the clamp arm, and turn up to 90°, it can cast the blank. The hanger lift it in the sky and turn 90° after the casting, the casting blank is lifted to the cutting trolley vertically, loose the clamp arm, remove the frame, the casting blank can be cut then.

Side plate

The side plate is the plate used for opening the closed mold frame, and then it will be clamped by the arm and be close to the frame seal, then turn 90°, remove the mold on the cutting platform and it will become the base plate for the casting blank.

Clamp arm

The clamp arm is connected to the spanner of the turnover hanger, the spanner turns 90° with the help of the cylinder, and it will stop when the clamp action is done.



The mold is installment already when it is ex-factory, it just need to past the seal on-site, the seal adhesive is used neoprene ( 303 glue ) or 705 ( JX-5 ) anchor nitrile phenolic adhesive.


Calibration and adjustment:


Assemble the frame with the side plate, then the clamp arm can turn easily.

After the side plate is tightly clamp, the mold turn 90°, there is no leakage happen in the seal.


If clearance between the clamp arm and the side plate is very big or it is hard to turn, adjust the assemble distance between the clamp arm and the mold frame.

If the seal leakage happen, adjust the clamp arm press wheel.


Maintenance and repair:


Clean the slurry remain

Brush lubricant oil in the cavity after the mold frame assembled with the side plate.


Replace the destroyed seal on time