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10 Ton/H Chain Grate Stoker Boiler For AAC machine

10 Ton/H Chain Grate Stoker Boiler For AAC machine

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    10 Ton/H Chain Grate Stoker Boiler


    AAC Machine Chain Grate Stoker Boiler

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10 Ton/H Chain Grate Stoker Boiler For AAC machine

Boiler-Autoclaved Aerated Coancrete Production


Product Overviews
Our company boiler is a double-drum water tube assembly chain grate boiler . The boiler proper has an upper drum and a bottom drum longitudinally arranged along the boiler center. The front of the upper drum and two sides water wall tubes constitute the boiler hearth radiation heating surface, and the tubes between the rear of the upper drum and the bottom drum constitute the convection heating surface. The economizer is arranged on the rear of the boiler,part of heat from high temperature exhaust gas generated by burning was absorbed by economizer, then the exhaust gas go through the cooling chamber,exhaust gas enters the convection heating surface to transfer heat power again, and through economizer,dust collector, finally draught by ID fan to Chimney,discharges into the atmosphere.

1.Capacity:2 ton/h to 30 ton/h

2.Design pressure:1.0Mpa(10bar/10kg/145psi), 1.25Mpa(13bar/13kg/180psi), 1.6Mpa(16bar/16kg/232psi),2.5Mpa(25bar/25kg/362psi), other pressure need to be specially design.

3.Stem temperature:184ºC,194ºC,205ºC,226ºC,other temperature need to be specially design.

4.Design fuel:coal,biomass or other solid fuel.

10 Ton/H Chain Grate Stoker Boiler For AAC machine 0

Product parameter

Boiler model Rated capacity




Rated steam temp.


Feed water temp. Exhaust gas temp. Design effiency Boiler water volume Weight Dimension Delivery mode
ton/h Mpa ºC m2 ºC % m3 ton mm
SZL2 2





20/105 130.67 83.13 6.76 22 5900×2850×3460 Package
SZL4 4 142 84.23 5.1 29 6460×3280×3462 Package
SZL6 6 142 84.81 8.4 34 7830×3560×3462 Package
SZL8 8 149.15 85.02 9.4 40.5 8870×3670×3462 Package
SZL10 10 152.7 86.2 8.35 24 7645×3180×3526 Assembly
SZL12 12 148.7 86.56 12.8 37 9258×3294×3524 Assembly
SZL15 15 149.86 86.29 15.5 24.7 11010×3300×2200 Assembly
SZL20 20 147.4 86.8 15.8 25.97 16680×6200×8420 Assembly
SZL25 25 149.6 86.4 16.5 28 8300×3000×3600 Semi-Assembly
SZL30 30 148.6 86.8 16.8 29 8500×3600×3640 Semi-Assembly


1.special proposal is available according to different place's different encironmental requirements;

2. burning fuel's heat value/chemincal component different, parameter different;

3.Since the boiler technology is keep updating, if there is any update in the future, no special imform.

Core technology

1. Longitudinally arranged double drum
2. Airtight and uniform-pressure wind room
3. Customized combustion device
4. "α" type flame combustion
5. High quality aluminum silicate insulation
6. Built-in dust cleaning
7. Easy operation control system


Packing and shipping

1. Boiler delivery will by two parts.

2.Upper part is for boiler proper pressure part .

3.Bottom part is for boiler Grate.

4.Boiler furnace will be built when boiler arrive client.

5.Wood box packing for boiler accessories and nude packing for boiler main part.

6.We will use frame container for shipping.

Our service
Pre-sales service:
1.Provide the most suitable and cost-effective boiler solution according to different requirements of various industry.
2.Provide drawings for building your boiler roon,such as foundation drawing, layout drawing, boiler room layout, etc.


In-sales service:
24 hours online and keep close contacts during the production process to ensure on time delivery with perfect finished product. We send pictures and videos to let customers know the production schedule.


After-sales service:
1.Provide engineers abroad installation and commissioning service.
2.Held online or site training for boiler workers to ensure the safe operation.
3.Lifelong service.