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Steel mesh Horse Rack Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

Steel mesh Horse Rack Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

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    Horse Rack Lightweight Wall Panel Machine


    Steel Mesh Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

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    Steel Mesh Horse Rack
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    CE, ISO9001
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    Stainless Steel, Iron+paint
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    Suit For Shipping
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Steel mesh Horse Rack Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

Lightweight Wall Panel Machine-Rebar mesh pommel horse rack



The mesh frame assembles steel mesh and waits for brazing in the brazing area.The steel mesh is manually installed under the transmission track of the mesh frame.The lattice rack is driven by the oil cylinder,and the lattice rack after hanging the reinforcing steel mesh travels backwards.the lattice rack is arranged to the lattice rack ferry,and the ferry is transversely ferryed to the center of the plug brazing crane to prepare the plug brazing.


It is used for fixing steel mesh,matching with full-automatic mesh frame conveying track and mesh frame ferry.

Steel mesh Horse Rack Lightweight Wall Panel Machine 0

Equipment features of aerated concrete sheet production line:

• Equipped with independent intellectual property rights of the breaking machine, which is a necessary equipment for the plate production line, this technology completely solves the history of relying on imports of the plate line breaking machine, has been widely used in the industry.

• After special treatment, the mold, the steaming bottom plate, the track of the cutting machine and the cutting conveyor can ensure the accurate position of the reinforcement in the aerated plate, which is the basic guarantee and technical difficulty of making high-quality plate.

• The cutting machine has a special structure to meet these requirements in order to ensure that the mixed cutting of plates and blocks does not affect their respective sizes when producing plates of different length specifications.

• The automatic circulation system of brazing, brazing and brazing drawing is used to make full use of the factory space, which not only saves the land but also reduces the cost of civil construction and greatly reduces the investment of the factory.

• The plate finished product sorting and repairing system realizes mechanical sorting. Check and check the quality through sorting machine and turning machine. There is no need to manually turn and move the plate to check the quality, which improves the working environment and labor intensity of workers.

• The control system adopts the internationally advanced centralized and segmented control mode and the intelligent control system. All processes are completed in the central control room and the operating platform of the ground division of labor. The work is mechanized and automated, with less labor, high production efficiency, small loss caused by human error, and high qualified rate of products.


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