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AAC Concrete Block Machine Making Machine -Cylinder

AAC Concrete Block Machine Making Machine -Cylinder

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AAC Concrete Block Machine Making Machine -Cylinder

Cylinder purpose:

The cylinder is also called the drum, it is the steam boiler essential ancillary equipment, cylinder is widely used in power generation, petrochemical, steel, cement, construction and other industries.

AAC Concrete Block Machine Making Machine -Cylinder 0

Performance structure of cylinder:

The cylinder is the main auxiliary equipment of the boiler, which is used to distribute the steam generated during the operation of the boiler to various pipelines. The cylinder is the pressure equipment and belongs to the pressure vessel.The main function of the sub-cylinder is to distribute steam, so there are several seats on the sub-cylinder connecting the boiler main steam valve and the steam distribution valve, so as to separate the steam in the sub-cylinder to where it is needed.The main pressure components of the cylinder are: steam distribution seat, main steam seat, safety gate seat, steam trap seat, pressure gauge seat, thermometer seat;All the materials including head, shell and flange are Q235-A/B, 20g and 16MnR; Main products include: 159-tu1500; working pressure: 1-2.5mpa; working temperature: 0 ~ 400℃; working medium: steam, hot and cold water; compressed air; etc.


Technical specifications of cylinder:

When the medium is steam, it shall be designed in accordance with the provisions of Pressure Vessel Regulations, and the diameter, material and thickness of the cylinder shall be determined. General principles: the diameter of the cylinder shall be 2-2.5 times of the maximum diameter of the pipe. Generally, it can be determined according to the flow rate of the fluid inside the cylinder.1. The equipment specification of the specifications of the cylinder is DN200-48 "), specific container volume set by the user, design pressure is 1.43 MPa commonly, design temperature < 350 ℃, for steam as the working medium, container category for Ⅰ class pressure vessel.2. Equipment selection table



1. provides flow, pressure, temperature parameters.

2.Provide diameter and quantity of steam inlet, steam outlet and steam drain pipes.

3.whether the cylinder size requirements.

4.whether to pressure gauge, thermometer, safety valve v, cylinder



1. standardized production.B No matter the size of the cylinder products, the circular seam adopts automatic welding technology, which makes the products beautiful, safe and reliable.

2.Complete varieties and wide application scope.Working pressure up to 16Mpa.

3. Each cylinder is manufactured, inspected and accepted according to national standards.The cylinder is inspected by the factory and inspected by the local bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.Ensure the quality of cylinder.Cylinder inspection certificate drawings, etc.

4.If the user has special requirements, the cylinder can be designed and manufactured according to the user's needs.