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380V 4.8m Separator Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

380V 4.8m Separator Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

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    Separator Lightweight Wall Panel Machine


    380V Fly Ash Brick Separator


    4.8m Separator Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

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380V 4.8m Separator Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

AAC Stationary Type Separating Machine,4.8m Brick Separating Machine,Fly Ash Brick Separator


Separator structure:

Separator is an important part of the aerated concrete equipment, it has the gantry frame, longmen rack is equipped with motor reducer, brake, sprocket gear and oil pump, gantry frame on both sides along the length direction in sets under beam and beam, beam and beam under connection by snapping suet cylinder, beam and beam under respectively on a relative layout of clamping cylinder, beam on the beam under the clamping cylinder and the clamping cylinder on the up and down, sprocket drive chain and under beam connection, oil pump through hydraulic line respectively with break and suet cylinder clamping cylinder is linked together,The front end of the clamping cylinder is equipped with a clamping body.The utility model can mechanically separate the cut shaped concrete blocks along the slit and restack them together, which is not easy to damage the concrete blocks and has high production efficiency.The Separator of aerated concrete equipment is used to pull off the blank body of the vertical discharge tank from layer to layer by mechanical completion. The machine is installed at the conveying end of aerated concrete finished products, and the process of pulling off can be completed automatically.

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1. The equipment is simple and convenient to operate. The cutting process (flip, vertical and horizontal) of this model is completed at different stations, so the work at each station is simplified and the operation and maintenance is convenient.

2. In addition to producing blocks, this machine also produces plates, and cuts the blank body on six sides, so the product quality is not affected by the coating oil and mold deformation;

3. After the billet is erect, both sides (600mm wide) can be cut longitudinally in the billet, and milling grooves can be completed at the same time. There is no need to equip with groove processing equipment;

4. Simple and practical structure, easy to install and maintain;

5. Make the blank body 600mm in width and 1200mm in height after the body is turned upright. In this way, the cutting steel wire is shorter, so it is not easy to break, drift and cut with high precision;

6. The longitudinal cutting device is fixed, and the blank body walks on the cutting trolley to complete the longitudinal cutting.The horizontal crosscutting device adopts the chain drive to keep the cross cutting frame lifting drive consistent and ensure the cutting accuracy.

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-The factory used the advanced equipment to produce, assembly and inspect.

-To ensure high accuracy.


Packing & Shipping:

Package conforms to the requirements of customs.


After-sales service: 
1.Provide engineers abroad installation and commissioning service.
2.Held online or site training for workers to ensure the safe operation.

3.Our expert will answer any inquiry within 24-48 hours and it will be solved as soon as possible.

4.We supplies the complete technical documents and the relative drawings of the electric components which were written in Chinese and English.

5.Service is available lifelong.