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380V AAC Cutting Machine

380V AAC Cutting Machine

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    380V Horizontal AAC Cutting Machine


    CE Horizontal AAC Cutting Machine

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380V AAC Cutting Machine

AAC Cutting Machine




Aerated concrete cutting unit is the main cutting equipment in aerated concrete block production line. Aerated concrete cutting machine must be equipped if the annual output of aerated concrete concrete is over 50,000 cubic meters, and it is also the indispensable core equipment to increase the output. Aerated concrete forms a blank body after pouring and aerating.Due to the large volume of the billet, cutting must be carried out to meet the required size of aerated concrete products.

380V AAC Cutting Machine 0

The working process of the airspring cutting machine:

Flip the spreader and place the mold body with the blank body on the cutting car by turning 90 degrees in the air. Demounder leaves the blank body and the side plate on the cutting car. The cutting car is driven by the motor to walk and complete the longitudinal cutting, milling groove and horizontal cutting through the longitudinal cutting device.After the cutting trolley continues to walk until the central position of the crosscutting device stops, the crosscutting device starts and the crosscutting frame cuts vertically from top to bottom to complete the transverse cutting.The cutting trolley will then walk to the point where the assembling spreader will lift the blank body (with side plate) to the steaming trolley, and the cutting trolley will return to the original position for the next cutting cycle.

380V AAC Cutting Machine 1

Main Features:

1. Simple and practical structure, easy to install and maintain;

2. The blank body is placed sideways so that the width of the blank body is 600mm and the height is 1200mm. The cutting wire is short, not easy to break, not easy to drift, and the cutting precision is high;

3. The longitudinal cutting device is fixed, and the longitudinal cutting is completed when the cutting trolley walks. The cutting time is short.The horizontal cutting device adopts steel wire cutting to shorten the length of steel wire and ensure the cutting precision;

4. Milling groove can be completed when the blank body is vertically cut, without the need for additional groove processing equipment;

5. The aerated concrete cutting machine cuts the billet in six sides, and the quality of the products is not affected by the mold oil and mold deformation;

6. Aerated concrete airdrop cutting machine can produce plate besides block;

7. The cutting process of the machine (flip, vertical and horizontal) is completed at different work stations. The work at each work station is simplified and the operation and maintenance is convenient.


Parameter of the processes:

Processes Parameter
Mixing period 5-6 minutes
Pouring slurry temperature 40-45ºC
Cake curing time 2.5-3.0h
Cake curing temperature 45~55ºC
Cake strength after curing 0.15~0.18MPa
Autoclaved curing system Before-after autoclave 0.5h
Vacuumize 0.5h(0~-0.06MPa)
Listing pressure 1.5h(-0.06~1.3MPa)
Constant pressure 8h(1.3MPa)
Releasing pressure 1.5h(1.3~0MPa)
total 12h