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Side Plate AAC Block Making Machine

Side Plate AAC Block Making Machine

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    Side Plate AAC Block Making Machine


    Hard Wearing Aac Block Making Machine

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Side Plate AAC Block Making Machine

Side Plate AAC Block Making Machine


specifications Cake size Max size Volume/m³
Length/mm Width/mm Height/mm Length/mm Width/mm Height/mm
4.2*1.2*0.6 4200 1200 600 4720 1735 1078 3.024
4.8*1.2*0.6 4800 1200 600 5320 1735 1078 3.456
6*1.2*0.6 6000 1200 600 6550 1735 1085 4.32

The structure of the side plate:

The mold can be divided into two forms, movable and integral. The side plate has double hollow layer for heat preservation. The inner plate is welded with 8mm thick steel plate to increase its rigidity, prevent deformation and prolong the service life.

Side Plate AAC Block Making Machine 0

The mold can be combined with the side plate to contain slurry, which can be static cured and foamed to form the blank body. The side plate also carries the blank body to the cutting machine for cutting, and then enters into the autoclaved kettle for steaming and raising after being assembled with the steaming trolley.


Side plate characteristics:

Bend dealing,hard-wearing,No easy defor mation,Long service life

No spare parts,Simple maintenance


Side plates functions:

The side plates are auxiliary tools, and the function of the side plates is to carry the wheels for cutting, coding and steaming.The side plate is the main equipment to carry out the flipping, cutting and transportation of the blank body. Therefore, the material and materials of the side plate are directly related to the safe completion of the transfer, flipping and cutting of the blank body.