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Single Stage Vertical Slurry Pump AAC Block Making Machine

Single Stage Vertical Slurry Pump AAC Block Making Machine

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    Slurry Pump AAC Block Making Machine


    Single Stage AAC Block Making Machine


    Single Stage Vertical Slurry Pump

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Single Stage Vertical Slurry Pump AAC Block Making Machine

Slurry pump


Vertical slurry pump is a vertical single stage single suction cantilever type centrifugal pump structure, impeller for the semi-open impeller, impeller suction side extension is equipped with a stirring blade.The pump is connected to the motor by an elastic coupling, and the pump rotates clockwise from the direction of the motor.

Pump assembly sequence

1, the double row bearing installed on the pump shaft, successively into the bearing sleeve and the upper end bearing inner ring.

2. Load the pump shaft containing the bearing into the bearing body, and install the bearing sealing gland and the water retaining ring.

3. Install the upper bearing, bearing gland, bearing sleeve and locking round nut in turn.

4. Adjust the bearing clearance: adjust the shaft to the direction of the lower end of the bearing body until it cannot be adjusted.Fix one round nut, another round nut is not fixed, use pry bar, dial out the axial clearance, the general clearance is 0.015 ~ 0.025mm.Then, tighten the nut and install the pump coupling.

5. Install and fix the connecting pipe, fixed plate, back cover, impeller, pump body, bend pipe and outlet pipe.Note: The clearance between the front end of impeller and pump housing is 2 ~ 2.5mm.

6. Install the motor base and the motor with electric connection;That is to complete the entire pump assembly process.

7, the pump disassembly according to the opposite steps above.

Applicable scope of pump

Vertical slurry pump is mainly used in environmental protection, new building materials, coal washing, municipal engineering, thermal power, gas coke plant, oil refineries, steel mills, mining, paper industry, cement factories, food factory, printing and dyeing and other industries, and steam concrete pumping thick fluid, heavy oil, diesel, dirty fluid, mud, mortar, sand flow and city PaiWuGou floating sludge, as well as containing coal, ash liquid.It can also be used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries to suck fluid and corrosive liquid containing sand and slag.

Based on the actual use environment and conditions of customers, our company has made the following improvements on the pump:

1. Wear resistance components are added to the raw materials of overcurrent components, and the sizes of some overcurrent components (such as impeller blades) are thickened.

2, thickened the pump center shaft, from the original centripeal ball bearing changed to double row tapered roller bearing, greatly increased the pump shaft torque force.

3. Three seals were added in the seal place to improve the seal degree of the pump.